This visualization shows how the sunset could look like to a human observer if our Sun was replaced by some of the other stars in our galaxy with different sizes and magnitudes, namely Barnard’s Star, Gliese 581, Tau Ceti, Kepler-23, Alpha Centauri A, Procyon, Sirius, Pollux, Arcturus and Aldebaran.

It is just a concept, as liquid water and the Earth as we know it could not exist in the vicinity of the most stars in this graphic. Visualizations are based on the absolute brightness, spectral class and the radius of each star.

by Martin Vargic

Ma per inciso, se ci fossero Arturo o Aldebaran al posto del sole col cazzo che facevi le foto.

Non saprei: magari col filtro giusto…

Voglio vivere nel sistema solare del procione!! Anche sotto il centauro capo andrebbe bene.