++ Riforme: Boschi, Professori le bloccano da 30 anni ++

Non è cattiva. È che proprio la democrazia non la capisce


«Solo il Partito democratico consente ad altri quello che noi consentiamo», più di ogni altra frase dello sbrocco di Maria Elena Boschi a Zurigo, a me ha colpito questa. Il suo partito e lei sono gli unici che “consentono” a dei poveracci come noi, e come i presenti a Casa d’Italia, di intervenire ai dibattiti. “Consentono” a noi la democrazia dunque. Evidentemente questo è il loro concetto di democrazia. Una concessione. Dall’alto. Non sono cattivi, lo ripeto spesso in redazione scherzando, è che proprio la democrazia non la capiscono, troppo faticosa, troppo lenta.


so much stuff dude. so..much…there’s been lots of stuff happening for the past few weeks so honestly im overwhelmed by all the info also im gonna swear a bit cuz im pissed

im not sure i can tell you the whole thing without being inaccurate but basically our shitty useless president was nothing but a marionette and the people ‘controlling’ them used up a mass amount of money that was meant for us and the people who actually need help in this good for nothing country

and a lot of the politic systems are rotten af so all the money we payed for things like national pension have no meaning to us?? because the fuckers used everything up for their own good thats why

so many citizens work real fucking hard to earn money and everyone found out it practically went to no good and we’re never going to get any benefits from it even though its our money


this. this happened yesterday. more than 1 million people came to protest this day. a lot of people are protesting(non-violently) but the police are suppressing us with violence(not all, but people on twitter say that they started using violent methods after the crowd starting clearing up a bit) and the president obviously has no conscience b/c they dont seem to think about resigning hohoho

more and more corruption is getting exposed and the public is getting more and more pissed

many people in korea kill themselves because its hard living in poverty in korea, and the fact that maybe all these people didnt have to if people had just done their fucking jobs is a major piss off

If you want to learn more specific stuff i suggest you google ‘choi soon sil’ cause that bitch’s a huge reason for this current situation (or maybe ‘korea protest’? probably)

ogni mondo è paese e al culo lo prendiamo sempre gli stessi