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Chemical massacre in Khan Sheikhon , Idlib :
Assad’s militias AKA “The Syrian Army” had just performed a new chemical attack on “Khan Sheikhon” in northern Syria, Idlib , leaving 100+ of civilian casualties.
The Syrian government was forced to sign the chemical weapons ban agreement in 2013 after the first chemical attack performed on civilians living in the suburbs of the capital and due to this agreement the chemical arsenal was dismantled under the supervision of the UN.
This outlawed government has no fucking shame.

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Assad has used chemical weapons on his people once again!
Over 100 civilians, including tens of children were killed by Chlorine/Sarin Gas in #Khan_Shaykhon ( Idlib). They’ve breathed death…

Is there anything more evil than gassing people, including children, to death – then bombing the hospital treating the survivors?
#Idlib #chemical_attack #خان_شيخون

Pray for Syria.
Stop the killing.
Protest peacefully.
Sign a petition to urge your government to save the people.
Don’t just set and watch.

* This video contains graphic content.